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Skool vir Dowes - School for the Deaf

Transoranje School for the Deaf provides specialized education to pupils from the age of 3 years up to Grade 12, who have severe hearing disabilities.  Established at Pretoria West in August 1954 the school caters for the complete education and well-being of about 200 learners with deafness from a diverse cross-section of personal, social and economical backgrounds. Transoranje School plays a vital role in the community by focusing on the specialized needs of learners with deafness from all walks of life.   Some of the schools' learners are further disadvantaged by having multiple disabilities. Transoranje School for the Deaf is a public school but also a non-profit organization no: 001-599 NPO / PBO930016729


                                                 An empowered learner


Transoranje School for the Deaf pursues its mission by ensuring the empowerment of well-adapted, responsible, self-sufficient, productive and self-supporting learners by:

·         Providing quality education and –training with the purpose of optimizing the learners                   potential

·         Optimal utilization and empowerment of all stakeholders

·         Optimal utilization of available facilities

·         Facilitating access to employment.


                                               Skoollied/ School song

Transoranje jy, het vir ons gekry.

As kleine kleuters, kinders, peuters.

Ons word so gelei.

Dat ons moedig hoopvol stry.

Op die sportveld ook die klas.

Elkeen dra sy maat se las.


We are guided to our destiny

Through our language we’ll succeed

Teachers guide us to our goals

Through our God we’ll be fulfilled


We’re taught to see our abilities

And empowered we will be


Dank aan God vir hierdie drie

                       Geloof, hoop en liefde.


Learners/ Leerders:  208                                                                                                   Boarders/Koshuisgangers:  85  

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