Transoranje School NPC               is Transoranje School non-profit company (NPC Reg no: 200002577508  PBO930053891) who is managing the fundraising for Transoranje School for the Deaf, since 1996.


     Fundraising for the promotion of educational institution (Transoranje School for the Deaf)


Raising funds and obtain donations through fundraising projects, proposals and requests to benefit Transoranje School for the Deaf and to improve the education, training and well-being of Transoranje School for the Deaf learners.

 Transoranje School NPC is a platform where companies, individuals, trusts and foundations can contribute to a worthy cause in a structured way that suits all the parties involved.   Contributions can be done in different ways e.g. cash donations, grants, donation of products or services, company/community social responsibility projects and/or interaction with the learners.  A section 18A tax-deductible receipt for cash donations and a B-BBBEE confirmation are available.

This NPC consists of four directors (with no benefits) and one executive officer, the Business Development Manager: Mrs Alta Koekemoer  



·         Cash donations for: hostel fees, special needs, food/stationary, general expenses

·         Hearing Aids for our learners ( ±R3500 each)

·         Food for the hostel (83 boarders + 75 food scheme day scholars). Tins, fresh, frozen,   

           dried. List attached

·         Personal hygiene and sanitary ware (±158 needy learners). List attached

·         Typek paper, white 80g (± 20 boxes p/ month, the learners depend on visual teaching                   methods)

·         Stationery. List attached

·         Materials for the skills division e.g. fabric / material, glue, wood, sanding paper, metal,                   welding rods, leather, varnish, beads, mosaic tiles, cement, ingredients for the bakery etc.

·         E-beam interactive systems or Electronic interactive smart boards

·         White boards (large, non-magnetic, no glare)

·         Data projectors

·         New computers/laptops (2 Big screens for Computers - for a few visually impaired                        learners)

·         Printers

·         Photocopying machine

·         Industrial veggie peeler

·         Industrial blender

·         Single bed waterproof covers for mattresses

·         Vacuum cleaners – heavy duty

·         8 x Washing machines (13kg)

·         Outdoor playground and/or gym equipment

·         Tennis rackets and tennis balls (good condition 2nd hand or new)

·         Second hand car tyres for Pre Primary Playground

·         Tractor mower for the huge lawns and sports fields

·         Water canon – self driven for the sports fields

·         Tyres for different vehicles

·         Service providers such as: garden services, electricians, plumbers, mechanics,                            construction workers, painters and tillers, handyman, hairdressers etc.

·         Sponsors for the development of more iPad Apps (learning material specially designed for

           Deaf learners)

·         Sponsors for bakery ingredients

·         Energy saver bulbs – Bayonet, 20W, cool white (they use average 30 bulbs per month)

·         Vehicle:  mini-bus

·         Sponsors for year-end parties for the kids

·         Outdoor concrete or eco-friendly tables and benches

·         All kind of sport balls:  soccer, rugby, netball, volleyball, tennis, or for ordinary ball playing.

·         Hydroponic system


·         Cement 

-         Tar:  Entrance to the school  



Non-perishable foods that are regularly used in the Hostel:


Cereals such as Weetbix for weekends, during the week they eat maize porridge for breakfast

Spreads e.g. Peanut butter, syrup, jam, Bovril


Cooking Oil

Canned fruit - any kind

Canned mixed vegetables

Canned peas

Canned baked beans

Canned sweetcorn

Canned sardines (Glenryck) in tomato sauce

Canned Tuna 1.7kg

Canned tomato and onion relish


Pasta (macaroni or spaghetti)


Maize meal

Tomato Sauce / Chutney / Worcester sauce



Tea (rooibos)

Milk Powder

Spices eg. BBQ, Chicken, Fish

Instant pudding, jelly, custard powder

Cake flour

Baking powder

Yeast (instant -  bags)


Ingredients for soup  eg. split peas, speckled beans



The standard list of stationery that the children need:


• A4 - 96 page scripts (white, feint & margin)

• A4 - 192 page Black hard cover scripts

  (white, feint & margin)

• Colouring pencils

• Crayons (triangle – Pre-primary school –

   about 30 children)

• HB pencils

• "Pacer" lead pencils with leads (Grd 1,2,3,

   used to learn to press gently – about 65


• Small scissors

• Erasers

• Flip file 50 bags

• Pritt

• Ponal wood glue

• Bostic clear

• A4 cardboard - all colours bright and pastel

• A4 plastic covers

• Sellotape

• A4 plastic envelope bags

• Sharpeners

• Pens - different colours (green / red / black /   


• Highlighters- different colours

• A4 white paper 80gm Typek - nearly all  

  learning material and images are copied.        The photocopiers on contract use only            Typek paper. About 20 boxes per month is      used.



List of toiletries:

Currently 158 needy students receive, as required, the following items.  The availability  depends on donations received.


• Bathsoap (bar)

• Shampoo

• Conditioner

• Deodorant Spray (boys/girls)

• Under-arm roll

• Washcloths (1 / year)

• Toothbrush (2 / year)

• Toothpaste

• Sanitary pads 

• Disposable razors (boys and girls)

• Shaving cream /gel (boys)

• Soap Powder - hand wash 500g

• Black shoe polish (liquid type)

• Bicarbonate of soda - small packets

Other donations:


·      Sponsor a learners’ hostel fees


·      Sponsor a set of hearing aids                       (±R7000) or maintenance of a learners’            hearing aids (±R2000 p.a.)


·      2nd Hand clothing in good condition                 (boys and girls – 3 years to 21 years)


·      Single bed duvets/blankets

·      Pillows


·      Recreational games for the hostels


·      2nd hand magazines – any language




OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT:                       


Register at the My School card project and make Trans-Oranje Skool vir Dowes (855 WF Nkomo Street Pretoria West, Tel 012-3866072) your beneficiary.  It's FREE, and with every swipe that counts, our School will receive a donation on your behalf.  It will cost you nothing, only swipe the card at participating businesses and make sure Transoranje School for the Deaf is your beneficiary.

Application forms online:


 Register at the WeBenefit project and make Transoranje School for the Deaf (855 WF Nkomo Street Pretoria West, Tel 012-3866072) your beneficiary.  It's FREE and an easy way to online purchase all your needs, delivered at your doorstep and at the best prices.  With every purchase, our School will receive a donation on your behalf.  It will cost you nothing, only do your online shopping at participating businesses and make sure Transoranje School for the Deaf is your beneficiary.

Registration online:        



Please contact the Fundraiser for more information on how you can assist us.  

Office hours: 012-3866072/6                              


Facebook:  Transoranje School Non-Profit Company: fondsinsamelaar


Business Development Manager/Fundraiser:  Mrs Alta Koekemoer  


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